Bringing 5G
To The Mass And Beyond

End users (or surfers) exchange their time and attention for 5G connection allowance via our application. In addition, the app connects users and retailers, as well as social connections among surfers who locate at the same place at the same time, or are going to the same destination.

What is app ?

The FlowCom app is a convenient and user-friendly portal via which end users can interact with the FlowCom platform. The app places every wonderful thing that our platform offers at your fingertips.

The first and most basic functionality of the app is to allow end users (or surfers) to exchange their time and attention for 5G connection quota. But the interesting bits are far beyond mere 5G or Satellite-based Internet access. The app is designed to forge meaningful economic connections between surfers and merchants, as well as social connections among surfers who happen to locate at the same venue at the same time, or are heading to the same destination.

The FlowCom app is designed with builtin-mechanisms to protect and preserve users’ privacy. It offers intuitive interface, and friendly user-experience.

The salient features

  • Optimized User Experience

    We at FlowCom are well aware of the necessity of user-friendliness. The UI and UX of our app is designed and fine-tuned such that it is intuitive, refreshing and easy to use. Besides, the app is optimised to conserve your phone’s precious battery juice, so that you can spend it on other tasks.

  • Simplicity

    The FlowCom app serves as a proxy via which merchants and advertisers engage end users and drive their attention towards their products. These activities can be as simple as answering a survey, or as involved as outsourcing the creation of some marketing materials.

  • Mining

    By engaging in the merchant is campaign, users are awarded with FiG, which they can then use to redeem network connection quota. This can be cellular 5G if the users are at airports or in-flight network connections when the users are airborne. The inflight connections are most likely powered by Satellites.

  • Marketplace

    The most basic quality of the app is to enable end users to mine their 5G data usage, bringing 5G to the mass and the most fascinating bits about FlowCom is that it also serves as a market place via which end users can purchase products/services offered by FlowCom’s affiliated merchants using their FiG token.

  • Social Connections

    The app is designed to connect end users who happen to be at the same airports/flights with others. This means lone travelers can find their travelling buddies or groups of travellers from different nations to meet up. All in all, this vicinity-based meetup feature will make an otherwise tedious journey more memorable.

  • Privacy

    FlowCom app is designed and implemented with emphasis on users’ privacy. The app does not access users’ geolocation by default. It only requests for such information when the users opt-in to the vicinity-based meetup function. Besides, such information is protected in a privacy-preserving manner

Frequently Asked Questions